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1. Caramel Scent Sort The caramel scent aroma was initially of widespread interest as a result of mysterious and special scent of 664 cigarette leaves of "Golden Leaf Kingdom" Zimbabwe Marlboro Lights. Having its rich and abundant scent, the nice scent of grilling, rounded smoke, and also well-balanced sensual top quality Cigarettes Online, we enjoy the trustworthiness of the "original perfume crown. " a couple of. Tobacco with any fragrant scent is made of scented tobacco leaves because the main ingredient, using a refreshing aftertaste plus a slight sweetness, together with little stimulation, sufficient reason for natural alcohol, it is possible to enjoy a refined scent plus a natural and rejuvenating scent. 3. Tobacco flavored in zhou is made from cigarette flavored in Lu state. It has any rich scent, light up is delicate, extended and rich, as well as the aftertaste is adequate. Harmonizes a pleasurable feel. 4. Middle scented middle tobacco is made from midsection scented tobacco results in, which is among two pure and also strong flavors, using a pure, pure and rich scent plus a delicate smoke. It's got a moderate perfume perception rate which is the main perfume of tobacco. 5. Sweet scent The particular sweet scent of tobacco is made of nice scented tobacco results in, and has a new, sweet and clear scent. The main perfume of tobacco could be the main scent, with a variety of specific Marlboro Gold, sweet, fruity and also floral scents, refreshing, bright, delicate and also elegant, and sweet and pleasant for the palate. 6. Mellow type The particular mellow type is founded on the strong-flavored type and contains been innovated to be able to inherit it and also produce both beef roasts and sweet. "Alcohol, abundant taste. " Rich tobacco features a rich scent, any rich scent, and also refined quality. It is needed to have a abundant and rich scent plus a sweet and pleasurable taste. 7. Original scent The first scented cigarette recreates the first flavor of cigarette. The scent with the original scent will be more natural, more pure and less bothersome, and the smoke is packed with sense of the particular hierarchy, calm, total, elegant, full with the original scent and also fresh and delightful. 8. Mianxiang Mianxiang features a clear difference in comparison to other tobacco bouquet types: "smelling, natural cotton sucking, slightly nice aftertaste". Due to be able to its strong h2o retention, you can prevent the dry feeling in the course of smoking... Its perfume is long and also elegant, with sensual characteristics for instance cotton, scent, sweet taste, softness, fineness and also flapping. 9. The characteristics regarding Qingrunxiang tobacco are usually mainly reflected inside the three letters Qingrun, Work, and Fragrance. "Clear, " or "clear and elegant inside the mouth, " means the initial freshness of normal ecological tobacco results in, and the quality of smoke powering the nose. "Execution", or perhaps "moisturizing the tonsils, " means any deep water secure. The elegance and also moisture brought from the technology of h2o. The natural perfume that brings as well as the mellow scent in which bioalcoholization technology delivers.
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