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WOW! These before and after transformations blow us away 😱
Charming braided hairstyle - we show in the video how it works
This hairstyle is a nice mixture of a braided and bun hairstyle, and can be easily styled in three to five minutes.

Here's how: Divide the hair into two even strands. Then some hair is picked up from the left side and added to the right strand across the left strand. Then take a strand from the right side and lay over the left strand on the inside of the right strand. Important: In order for it to be even, the separated sections of lace front wigs uk hair should always be as thick as possible. At the end, attach the braid with a hair tie or ribbon. Difficulty level: Easy. Requirements: at least shoulder length. The playful herringbone braid is also ideal as a party hairstyle.

Glamor hairstyles for every occasion
There are occasions that call for a glamor hairstyle: Christmas, New Year's Eve, weddings, birthday parties, but also for a romantic dinner, the hairstyle can be a little more complex. We show you festive hairstyles that suit all occasions. And the good news: glamor hairstyles are available for all haircuts and hair lengths. Short fools can be shaped just as nicely as long manes.

This is how hair becomes glamorous
The classic glamor hairstyles include, for example, the evergreen updo called banana or the chignon in different variants, the voluminously blow-dried big hair buy human hair wigs uk or the nicely styled side swept. But it is also very straightforward: with a few pretty waves in the tips, a quickly styled sleek look or an original braided hairstyle.

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