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We would like our hair to keep forever this supple and shiny appearance, but unlike a permanent straightening, the Brazilian straightening only lasts a time, and more precisely between several weeks and several months for those who will pamper their best hair. Because it is you who can guarantee the longevity of the treatment, first of all by leaving your hair alone for the three days following straightening: we do not wash it, we do not tie it and we do not wear a cap or hat. Then we will then make sure to use shampoos specially adapted for Brazilian smoothing, or at least without sulfate, silicone and sodium chloride, the sworn enemies of keratin. You will also protect your hair before going to the sea, the pool or before prolonged exposure to the sun.

To prolong the effectiveness of Brazilian straightening, you can also apply a keratin mask once a week or so.
The price of a Brazilian smoothing
Obviously, this dream hair has a price, and a fairly high price. For a Brazilian smoothing done at the hairdresser, it will indeed be between 200 and 600 euros per session, depending on the length and especially the thickness of the hair. Do not hesitate to request a quote to avoid unpleasant surprises. A price not within the reach of all budgets but which still includes a session of several hours with a diagnosis of your real hair wigs uk hair, several purifying shampoos, the application of the treatment wick by wick, then the passage of smoothing plates wick by wick again.

Beware of particularly low prices: the hairdresser may not use a formalin-free product, this aggressive substance for the hair and potentially dangerous, the rate of which is also regulated in Europe, or he may choose to increase the temperature of the straightening plates to save time, which would cancel out all the benefits of the smoothing treatment.

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