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Chuhe Han Realm, heroes who are rivals, Jin Ge Iron Horse, Renchang life. Chess is also my stage. Beginners when I was young, I just thought it was novel and interesting. The horse was going away, like a flying field ... Many of the catchy chess tactics kept in mind. The enlightenment teacher's temptations have been lingering. At first, I couldn't sit still and always wanted to play with my classmates. But the founder's board and the chess pieces seemed to generate a magical magnetic field, which gradually made me difficult to move and enjoyed it Online Cigarettes. Chess has improved over and over again, and chess has become my best friend and stage. Gradually learning chess, I succeeded. Participating in the city competition small test, the badminton gun smoked, and the chess settled, and eventually I won the championship. Standing on the podium, I was full of confidence. I looked up and saw the slogan on the stage: As big as my heart is, how big the stage is. Yes, chess is my stage, and I have gradually faded from childishness and gradually grown into a youth. As long as I have time and opportunity, I especially like to play. Although losing more or less, this does not affect my objection to chess. One weekend, I met a chess enlightenment teacher. Under his arrangement, I killed a grandfather with me. The situation in the middle of the game became tense. I didn't know what to do. Robbery, the situation suddenly changed suddenly, I suddenly suddenly opened up? ? How can there be a situation without the abandoned son? The temporary abandonment is for better gain (the gain and loss on the chess stage seems to constitute a perfect flat chessboard is a stage Wholesale Cigarettes, walking around the field, eating and catching, and the situation is changing Marlboro Lights, just like Guan Zhang Ziyun, Cao Liu Zhongmou, The sea is flowing. The strategy is intensive, and the whole army is moved; the troop is dispatched, and it suddenly shocks the sky. The sound of the chess pieces falling is the stage of the shouting of the generals of the two armies. Loss, fame and profit are intertwined. This is a collision of strategy and a duel of wisdom. Life is like chess. May I be able to take every step without regrets! This will always be my stage!
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